Thursday, December 3, 2009

Course Reflection

Dear future students,

In the beginning of this class it seemed like it was going to be very easy, and Paul was very understanding. The writing assignments weren't hard either, we had more than enough time to complete these assignments. My favorite assignment was probably the Diagnostic essay because we got to write and express ourselves through an experience that we had. The assignment I enjoyed the least was the presentation for our argument essay. We wrote the essay, which was very long, and now we have to do a presentation on it? What if our topic is not something that people could ask questions about? Or what if its an argument and its comes about to be more of an opinion? Will we get points off for not making it an argument in our presentation? Thats the reason why the presentation is my least favorite assignment. As to taking the class... if you like waiting till the last minute to do everything then this is the class for you. 650 points out of your 1000 points are jammed into the last 3 weeks, which to me is ridiculous, and unfair. If Paul knew this would happen maybe he needs to do a little more planning when it comes to his classes. Overall I got through the class, but it wasn't easy at any point during the semester.

Diagnostic revised

After an intensive taxi ride, we thankfully made it back safely to the ship. By the time we made it back to the ship we had already missed dinner, so the only food that was prepared was a buffet on the ships deck, open until twelve o'clock. After dinner we all decided to head back to Senior Frogs because had a time to spear, we didn't leave for the next island until twelve that night. So, while we were there we had a few drinks, danced a little then headed back to the ship because it was close to eleven. Well to our surprise, the whole top of the ship was a huge dance party! On the deck is where everyone was dancing and on the upper level there was a DJ and a dancer. Well, if you didn't know me, I am one to have a good time. So, when I got bored just dancing down on the deck with everyone else, I thought it would be a good idea to run up the upper level to dance with the DJ and the dancer. As I was walking up the stairs, everyone in the crowd started chanting for me! Well, unfortunately when I got up there the DJ sent me back down. I was so disappointed, but to cheer me up the crowd started booing the DJ as I walked my walk of shame back down to the deck. After this incident happened, we all just danced the pleasant and breezy night away on the breath taking enormous ship.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic essay; My Perfect Vacation

Okay, imagine for me your perfect getaway, either it could be in a tropical island laying on the beaches or even in the mountains skiing down miles of fresh white powder. Well for me, this occurred 2 weeks ago. The vacation of a lifetime, sailing the open sea to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas. From extreme UVA rays on those white sandy beaches to exploring a new city; could you visualize anything more spectacular? If you could let me know because this vacation was the most relaxing and fabulous vacation imaginable. Starting out on an road trip to board an amazing cruise with 6 of your friends, exploring two different islands, plus the nightlife, only interesting and hilarious moments can come from these events. Prepare to be entertained and to actually get a good laugh out of my perfect vacation story.
If you have ever driven 14 hours in a van with 7 people, im sure you can relate to what I am about to share, if you havent, your lucky. Well usually everyone tends to over pack when going on vacation but no one cares to think about the driving and space situation in the vehicle. All of the main luggage is stuffed in the trunk, then the extra bags are at everyone's feet. Also, you cant forget all of the necessities for sleeping are also in there too. So take a second and think about how much room we have left, not much at all. But above all of that, the road trip there was one of the most exciting trips I have ever had. Music playing the whole time, everyone is spitting out jokes left and right, just having the time of our life because we know that the next day we officially start our vacation.

The next day we get through security and luggage claim and we are ready to board. Once we boarded the ship we had to search through all of the luggage on the floor we were staying on the find our bags. They cruise attendants dealing with luggage did not send the bags to your room you had to find them yourself. Everyone was a little irritated after this so we all found our luggage and headed to our rooms to change and head to the top to lay out in the sun and relax. In my room it was my boyfriend Cody and I . The next room there was my best friend Megan and another girl Mariah. There was also Megan's brother Billy and his girlfriend Christine in another room. Megan's mother came but she stayed with another part of her family that also joined us on the cruise.

After all of the headache over the luggage, we finally changed into our swim suits and headed to the top to being this exciting vacation. We lay out for an hour or two then it is time for dinner. Every night at certain times the whole ship has dinner. All of the food and drinks, except alcohol, are included. We all meet for dinner then get ready for the long night ahead of us. On the ship there are clubs, bars, casinos, comedy clubs and also places kids under the age of 18 to go and be entertained. Our whole group goes to a club where its mostly adults over 30, but hey who says that younger adults can't hang with the older adults. We had a wonderful time dancing to 80's music and getting down with that crowd but after a while it got tiring. So Megan, Cody, Mariah, Billy, Christine and myself head to this hidden club for adults 18 years and up. The only difference from the last place was they played our generation of music. It was more of a lounge than a club we spent the rest of the night there. It had such an exciting atmosphere all the lights were off, the glasses and shot glasses were all lit up and just a place to meet people your own age.

The next morning, I took a glance out of the window and what do you know, I see the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear blue water and the small island of Nassau, Bahamas. We were all so quick to get off of the ship. Everyone in our group besides Megan's mom stuck together and went everywhere together. The only thing, this time we had to look after and bring Megan's cousin Michael and his girlfriend Brandy. The first thing we do is go to Senor Frogs, it's the hot spot in Nassau. They only have around 13 in the world so it was such an experience to be able to say I actually got to visit one. When you walk in, there are humorous signs all over the walls and sealing such as Take me drunk, im home and You have to be this tall to drink and when they say this tall its only 3 feet. It is also right on the water, the deck that is available is actually over the water. While we were there for lunch we participated in the congo lines that happen often throughout the day who ever wants to join in can. You go through the whole bar in a congo line and there are workers with squirt bottles filled with shots and they just squirt them in your mouth. In each line session there are probably 3 stops and its all for free! Well after this we found a small boat service right outside of Senor Frogs that would take us there and back from Atlantis for only 6 dollars a person. On the way there the tour guide actually educated everyone with history on the island and also pointed out houses and shared with us which celebrities lived there, how much the houses costs and when they usually stay. The boat ride only lasted around 15 minutes, then finally we arrived at the Atlantis island.

When we arrived, your eyes just get locked on this amazing castle structure in the distance. There is a bridge connecting two towers and the bridge is one big suit. It cost $25,000 a night to stay there, celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates have stayed there. The suit was also designed by the Italian designer Versace. When the boat docked, we were directed to the public beach access where we finally had the chance to swim in this beautiful water. To our surprise, it wasn't the most satisfying feeling to be in the water, there were tiny jelly fish that were clear and they stung like no other jelly fish I had been stung by. So we brought our chairs to the water and sat on them at the shore so the water still got on us but we did not have to deal with these annoying jellies. After being there for around 3 hours we headed back to the ship, but this time we had to take a taxi because we didn't make the departure time of the boat we took. Let me tell you something, when you step into a bohemian taxi make sure you don't have a heart condition because I almost had a heart attack. They way the roads are designed and the way the drivers drive, my heart almost stopped.

We thankfully made it back to the ship but we also missed dinner so we had to go to a buffet they had available open until 12 o'clock. After the buffet we decided we might as well go back to Senor Frogs since we left at 12 that night to go to a different island. We went back had a few drinks then came back to the boat. What we didn't know was at the top of the ship there was a dance party, there was also a DJ at the next level up. Well if you don't know me, I am one to have a good time, I got bored just down on the dance floor so I decided to go up where the DJ was to dance with him. As I was walking up the stairs everyone in the crowd started chanting for me and once I got up there he sent me back down! I was so disappointed but as I came back down the crowd started booing the DJ, it was quite amusing. But, the night went on, and we all danced the pleasant and breezy night away on top of the enormous ship.

The next morning we woke up anchored out in the beautiful clear water next to and island owned but the cruise line. A ferry takes you from the ship to the island and then back to the ship. On this island there is a straw market where these bohemian people make a living on tourist coming to this island and spending money on souvenirs to take home. Also on the island, there is snorkeling, jet skiing, and restaurants, the island also has 3 different beaches on one island. Everyone did most of there shopping at this straw market instead of the one at Nassau because people try to hustle you at those markets. This island is more relaxed and comforting. The heat was excruciating, laying out in the sun unbearable but then shopping was even worse! You would try to shop but sweat would just drip down your face. Don't get me wrong the tan afterwards was well worth the sweat. After awhile on the island we took the ferry back to the ship. Once we got back the pool was calling our names, we got right in to cool off.

The final night unfortunately arrived, it was our last night to live it up. After the ships dinner a comedian invited persons over the age of 18 to join him in a game called Quest in one of the lounges. Most of our group had never heard of such a game, so everyone was curious to see what and how to play. Quest ended up being extremely exciting. The way to play is, there is someone calling out quest for you to complete and once you have what is asked you jolt down to that person with your number and whoever gets it right gets points. An example of a quest was, I want to see a man with red lipstick but what we didn't know was that you can think outside of the box. Every man that participated put the red lipstick on, he didn't say to put it on he just said with red lipstick. It was the most hilarious game I have ever played. It was a good end to the cruise, but not quite the end. After the game everyone stayed for the lounge to switch to a dance club. It was our last and final activity on the cruise so we had to stay, who wouldn't! As our night came to an end, sweaty and worn out we all disbursed back to our rooms and prepared to depart from the ship in the morning. Waking up and seeing the port was so disappointing, I could have stayed another 4 days, I absolutely was not ready to leave. But every vacation has to come to an end, Exhausted and tired we gathered our things and headed down stairs to go through customs and start heading back to the real world.

The most exhilarating, unforgettable vacation that I have ever experienced. The relationships and friendships that came out of it are so memorable. I could never forget those soft, white sanded beaches and that clear blue water. Exploring the islands of Nassau, Atlantis and Coco Cay really gave me a sense of how they live and how lucky we are to live in this country. The poverty that they live in is just heartbreaking, I not only had an amazing time but I also learned history of their country and a since of pride for ours.

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